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Carl Jung: Documentary Pt1 of 2

4 Oct

Posted by legrandduvivier on Youtube.  I’ll post part 2 tomorrow.  A great introduction to Jungian psychology/theory/history.  🙂


Freudian magic therapy ball:)

3 Oct

Shake it to analyze yourself!!! & remember it’s all about your mother!!! 😛

Click the image to check it out!!! 🙂

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Great Psychologists Finger Puppets Set

30 Sep

Includes: Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, and Anna Freud…and of course the counseling “couch” 🙂 😀

CLICK Picture to check them out!

P.S. – Does anyone else think that Anna Freud looks a little scary looking??? hmmmm…

Review: “Escape from Babel” – Intro – Ch. 1

30 Sep

“Escape from Babel” by Scott Miller, Barry Duncan, and Mark Hubble is the psychotherapy text that I am currently reading between courses.  The main point of the text, as described in these initial chapters, is that there are common factors between differing theories of treatment.  Instead of focusing on the differences of theory, psychologists and counselors should instead explore their commonalities.

…when researchers ask clients about the helpful aspects of their experience in therapy, they rarely mention specific, model-driven interventions or techniques.  Instead they consistently identify the same variables as therapeutic…This same body of research shows that clients also expect their therapists not to be bound to any one brand or language of treatment.” (Miller, Duncan, & Hubble, 1997, p. 23)

Rather than espousing another theory, the authors of this text seek to break down the barriers between the different theories and create what they term a “unifying language.”  What is particularly interesting about this to me, is the idea of the oral nature of therapy and human connectivity as a universal experience.  In my undergraduate degree, I took a honors/graduate level course on the orality of stories/literature.  In that course the idea of the oral nature of society underlying connectivity was introduced.  I can’t wait to read more!  I promise to post as I progress through the text. CLICK the book to view more!

Reference Citation:

Miller, S.D., Duncan, B., Hubble, M. (1997) Escape from Babel: Toward a unifying language for psychotherapy practice. New York, itd: Norton

Sigmund Freud Action Figure!!!

28 Sep

This is awesome!!! Now you too can have your own Freudian action figure to psychoanalyze you!!! 😀 Click the picture of Freud to follow the link!

Product Description: (Warning, not for little kids!!! It has small parts that can be swallowed!!!)

  • Tell Me About Your Mother… Celebrate the great achievements of the man responsible for modern psychotherapy with this Sigmund Freud Action Figure.
  • Each 5-inch figure captures Freud in a pensive pose, holding a distinctly phallic cigar.
  • Prop him on your desk or nightstand to inspire you to explore the depths of your unconscious and embrace the symbolism of your dreams.
  • Born on May 6, 1856, in what is now the Czech Republic, Freud wrote essays and books on repressed desires, symbolism, and the interpretation of dreams.
  • His ideas helped give birth to psychotherapy and literally changed the way we think about thinking.