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29 Sep

Now you too can start a “Psychiatric ‘Lemonade’ Stand” Like Lucy in Peanuts.  Impress your friends and family, treat that obnoxious anxiety triggered by late night graduate school papers…


(Note: This product is meant for amusement only…not to be taken seriously.  Avoid counter-transference, multiple roles, and use at your own risk.)


Funny Freud Cup – Sips & Slips….

31 Mar

Click me:)

The cup reads: “Freudian Sips… It’s like when you say one thing and you mean your mother.”

I so want this for while I’m working on my mental health papers:) Next Semester I’ll be taking abnormal psych.  It may seem weird, but I’m REALLY excited about this!!! I’m hoping that when I graduate I’ll be able to work in a clinical setting (preferably a VA setting one day – I’m especially interested in PTSD).  I thinks my love of the subject matter/study is why I love tongue and cheek, sarcastic, humorous novelty items like this cup.  🙂

I want a Kroko! – Plushies with Mental Health Diagnoses

19 Mar

If you’re unfamiliar with the awesome game “The Psychiatric Clinic for Abused Cuddly Toys” you should checkout the link on the right hand side/menu of this page or click HERE for a previous post on the game.  I have no association with the people that created/produce this game…but the awesomness speaks for itself! 😀 Kroko is the Crocodile with paranoid psychosis XD  !  Isn’t he cute!

Store Links include The US Store HERE and the European one HERE.

Coming Soon the Psychiatric Clinic for Abused Cuddly Toys will be adding another patient – Dr. Wood!  I’ll post an update on the new patient as soon as I find out more!

Inanimate Stickers:)

6 Oct

It’s a Happy Stapler!!! 🙂

Click the image for more information.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to give all the office objects personalities??? Faces on coffee cups, staplers, and desks!!! Watch out though! They might start talking to you!!! (Probably not the best item to have around clients that experience visual/auditory hallucinations such as schizophrenics…) 🙂 😉

Carl Jung: Documentary Pt2 of 2

5 Oct

Posted by legrandduvivier on Youtube.  Here is part 2 of yesterday’s video.  A great introduction to Jungian psychology/theory/history.  :)

Affirmation Ball: for the praise you deserve :)

4 Oct

Why wait for praise/compliments when you have a nice happy face ball that can give them to you??? It has 20 inspirational phrases including “your a winner” and “pure genius.”  Click the image to read all 20 phrases:)

Affirmation ball combats depression, low self esteem, and teen angst 😛 Any resemblance to the Wallmart rollback face is purely coincidental…j/king 🙂