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Bully the Movie…(Better Late Than Never)

8 May

For anyone that doesn’t know, I’m a big advocate for awareness concerning the lasting effects of bullying.  Bullying is more than children being “just kids”…rather it can be a sanctioned form of harassment enabled by the actions or in-actions of adults/culture/etc.  The documentary Bully, which aired last month, really embodies the true depth of Bullying and it’s effects.  Bellow is the Official Trailer for the Movie.  I highly recommend that if you haven’t seen it, you go see it.  It is impossible to change something that is not acknowledged.  For an earlier blog post I did on Bullying go HERE.


Step 5: Finding a Counseling Graduate School Internship Site

17 Aug

Well it’s been a while since I wrote…again:)  I had planned to post a lot between semesters, but wound up using the break to search for an internship site.  If you are in Mental Health Counseling (or seeking an LPC)  part of the graduate requirement (per-graduation) is a practicum/internship (the hours required vary from state-to-state).  I’ve found a site, all I need to do now is get approval from my university **fingers crossed!** The process of “finding” a site went smoothly, in part because I prepared early and

Tips to finding an Internship Site (Graduate School):

  1. Create a resume or update yours when (a) you first start school, and (b) once more 9 months before job hunting
  2. Use University career centers and/or a professor in YOUR field of study to review your resume and edit it! (Every profession has things it looks for, keywords/etc, in resumes.  Catering your resume to your field is essential.)
  3. (Note: Counseling/Psychology fields like “Bulleted” items in their works.) For a sample resume please see mine HERE.
  4. After you have a polished resume make sure you review/update it before searching for a site.
  5. Begin searching for a site no less than 6 months prior to the scheduled date of internship – this will give you ample time to complete paperwork for your university and/or have a site rejected by said university (giving you time to freak out and find another if need be).
  6. If every place you go to seems not to want you, get a teacher or friend to “interview” you informally (try to find someone in the field you’re going into) and critique your interview-ability.  Something you are saying (or not saying) may be putting potential sites off you!
  7. DON’T forget to mention that (A) the internship is UNPAID for graduate school and (B) you will have your own INSURANCE via a professional organization.  There are “paid” internships/career openings that you may not qualify for; however, if you are working for “free” the company may employ you anyways to save money and receive help that budgetary limitations would otherwise not allow for…
  8. You have a site but it’s still 6 months away?  Follow up!  At least once a month check in with your potential supervisor.  Keep up with the paperwork that must be done.  Ask about additional training sessions you may need, if you have to foot the bill for these sessions, and ask about background/medical/other checks may be needed in order to work at your chosen site.
  9. A little work NOW can mean BIG results later.  It will also keep you from needing to be committed due to last minute rushing/panic attacks.

Are you a procrastinator??? Well guess what me too!  What you don’t believe me??? Here’s a trick I do to FORCE myself to keep ahead of the game:

On my calendar (physical or the one on my cell phone) I set the most annoying reminder with an alarm for whatever I am trying to accomplish.  For instance, tomorrow I need to call and follow up with a potential internship site and have been procrastinating because of the false sense of security gained from finding one so quickly.  I have the most annoying alarm/sound set to go off every 3 hours tomorrow until I call.  Once I call, I’ll delete the alarm(s).  Additionally, it’s important to FORCE yourself to do something to prep for future school requirements (like an internship or a portfolio) at least once to twice a month.  The act of accomplishing something also decreases anxiety/stress by increasing feelings of accomplishment.  There are times that even doing a bit here and there is not enough to keep away the mad rush at the last minute.  On the other hand, even when the mad rush is unavoidable, previous feelings of accomplishment and work can make the act of coping with the stress more manageable.


ACA conference 2011 – New Orleans & wonder of Twitter

25 Mar

Unfortunately, I’m unable to attend the conference…however, thanks to the wonder of Twitter searches…I…and “you” can live vicariously through the tweets of others.  If your interested in following the conference check out #acaconf (the offical hashtag of ACA) 🙂

If you think twitter is just for the tweenies, think again.  It is an awesome place for news and information.  My personal preference is to use it as a short/live feed mini RSS on topics of interests – including counseling/psychology.  As a result, beginning professionals are able to network with established professionals around the world.  I highly recommend that graduate students/ new professionals create a “generic” / professional page…(we’ll call this Step: Ongoing in the process of professional development) :);)

After creating a professional page, search out others that are in or pursuing the same profession.  You never know who you might meet and how he/she may be connected professionally.  It’s “6 degrees of separation” turned active participation.

From Japan <3 Twitter

13 Mar

Thanks to twitter, there is an alternative to media news.  The ability to view the real time experiences of individuals in Japan and about Japan – from locals in the surrounding areas.  For myself, viewing personalized perspectives will be a large part of counseling.  Twitter provides a unique view of the crisis that can not be captured on video or photo…the daily thoughts/emotions of individuals.

To view a previous post on disaster counseling click HERE.  To make a donation click HERE.

Bellow are links to Twitter searches and lists following people from Japan…In English…I can’t speak Japanese:(

Twitter Search #Japan

In Japan – a twitter list following people all around japan.

Thoughts go out to everyone over there…


Japan Earth Quake Fundraising

11 Mar

Disaster / Crisis Counseling Resources

11 Mar

Recent events in Japan and Hati (and in other countries experiencing extreme natural disasters) highlight the unfortunate need for crisis/disaster counseling.  Unlike regular counseling, which involves building long-term rapport and goals through multiple sessions, disaster counseling can be an immediate response to an emergency scenario.  In a way, crisis counseling is the mental health version of first aid.  After a crisis has ended, the initial counseling first aid can be built off of to treat additional challenges arising from the original disaster/situation – such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Dr. David Baldwin has put together a comprehensive page on Disaster Mental Health.  The goal of counselors is first and foremost (1) stabilize the victim(s) and (2) promote healthy coping strategies (Baldwin, 2011).  Stability can be promoted through therapeutic listening/sessions or through more mundane non-traditional actions that are not typically seen in counseling such as (a) helping family members fill out disaster paperwork for government assistance, (b) handing out water/supplies, (c) etc.

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