Hysteria, Victorian Treatments and the Clit

4 Apr

One of the blogs I love to follow is called The Mary Sue, and it’s about geek stuff/coverage specifically geared to geek-ettes.  Normally, the facts/tidbits would not relate to counseling and psychology; but I HAD to repost this comic on the previous treatment of Hysteria.  Clicking the link in bold links to the source comic.  Please be warned, the drawing of the clitoris even in comic form may be NSFW – clicking the image will bring you to the original post.  All credit for the original coverage of this comic goes to The Mary Sue.

The comic itself is by Jess Fink at deviant art – Click HERE to view the artists comments and original posting of the art.

It covers how hysteria was used to label the female libido and the resulting “treatments.”


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