Type – Therapy Tales #181 (via Therapy Tales)

21 Mar

If your in counseling, and you’re unfamiliar with Therapy Tales…it is the most awesome site/cartoon on counseling/psychology/therapy. Check it out!!!

This archived cartoon makes fun of comparisons between modern versus historical approaches to psychotherapy. 😀 I love how it describes psychoanalysis!!! XD

Type - Therapy Tales #181 Seems interesting to me that the old-school approach and the current cure-all approach are at opposite ends of the time/effort spectrum. Of course, the privately-paying neurotics of Wien are far removed from today’s “average” consumer. PS. Due to the enormous pain-in-the-arse that is the Cafepress tshirt interface, Therapy Tales Tshirts are now on Zazzle (more to come as I get the finished). This also means that the WWFD Tshirt can come back! 🙂 … Read More

via Therapy Tales

Additionally, there is now wallpaper for the Ipad/Iphone/and computers.  Click HERE for free wallpapers on Therapy Tales’ site.  I’ve got the second one, and am using it to actually organize my desktop files for graduate school!!!


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