Hiatus is over:) I’m back!!!

9 Dec

Well, I know it’s been forever since I’ve blogged:) I went to Chicago in November for my residency with Capella University.  After that, I spent the next few weeks playing catch up and finalizing my big end of the semester papers:P

I promised lots of goodies after I came back from hiatus!  Enclosed is a link to my Chicago residency album:). Our professor was awesome, and our group was very open.  I really enjoyed meeting everyone, and hope we can all keep in touch…even after our journey through the Master’s program ends.  

Next track we have to create a portfolio.  I’m toying with the idea of a digital version to complement the physical one.  There is a site ( wix.com ) that allows individuals to create custom flash websites.  (It’s a lot of work though, and flash isn’t visible by all Internet capable devices.  So if I use flash, I’ll also need to create a site using basic capabilities …or just tweak my wordpress portfolio a bit.)

Link to residency photo album is HERE!!!

Also, I’ve been toying with ideas to make my site more fun! Next week look for more funny posts, articles, and open discussions about future plans for coffee counseling !!!


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