Reflection: Impressions w’ emphasis on Assessment/Tests/Measures Course

8 Oct

Week 1: Fall 2010 semester

Assessments and Tests is going to to be very challenging and analytical.  Surprisingly, I think I may have a harder time with Marriage and Family Systems.  I’m really nervous about having to make a genogram to analyze a family unit:P  I hate charts!!! :P:P:P ack!  I thought I escaped diagramming when I got out of English Education (sentence diagrams)…guess not.

Sorry not to have as much for everyone tonight.  I’m going to post a funny clip and a neat video in a little while.  I’ll be buckling down in my course work over the next week/week and a half.  My goal is to get 2-4 weeks ahead on the syllabus so that when I have to travel for my residency I don’t fall horribly behind and have a total melt down XD Psychologically speaking, you might say that I’m initiating a mini stress breakdown in order to prevent being overwhelmed with stressors at an unmanageable level.

Assessment, Tests, and Measures: This week was an introduction to the different roles of counselors and how assessment is essential in each of these roles.  The role I picked to analyze was Evaluation for Accountability. This role involves usage of assessment data to provide information to a third party such as a school, managed care, or court ordered situation (Whiston, 2009).  An article I explored, which went into greater detail about court ordered evaluation was written by Patel and Jones (2008) and I’ve included the reference bellow.  You can find the article on EBSCHost.  It goes into step-by-step descriptions of what is involved in such a mental health evaluation, the differences between evaluation and patient treatment, and the ethical/legal implications of this role on issues like confidentiality.


Patel, S., & Jones, K. (2008). Assessment of Family Custody Issues Using Mental Health Evaluations: Implications for Mental Health Counselors. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 30(3), 189-199. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier database.

Whiston, S. (2009). Principles and applications of assessment in counseling. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.

2 Responses to “Reflection: Impressions w’ emphasis on Assessment/Tests/Measures Course”

  1. brett October 18, 2010 at 9:53 PM #

    Hey Lauren,
    It seems like Test and Measures and Your other class is really tough for you. Do you know that you might want to consider getting the software Genopro software for your Geonogram. Yes, the family therapy class was difficult and challenging all at the same time. Good luck it is a a challenge to go back on one’s family history especially if one has had a dsyfunctional family~~~. Well it is good that you have a blog it is very encouraging. Looking foward to hearing more from you. Thanks Brett L

    • coffeecounsel October 18, 2010 at 9:59 PM #

      Thanks:) unfortunately I don’t have the money to spare…even on the student version! LOL!…I’ve been resorting to using “paint,” which can take FOREVER 😛 lol! I’ve also got a digital portfolio that this blog connects to:);) I’m trying to build my “digital/virtual” professional presence :);) I hope u likey:D

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