Review: “Escape from Babel” – Intro – Ch. 1

30 Sep

“Escape from Babel” by Scott Miller, Barry Duncan, and Mark Hubble is the psychotherapy text that I am currently reading between courses.  The main point of the text, as described in these initial chapters, is that there are common factors between differing theories of treatment.  Instead of focusing on the differences of theory, psychologists and counselors should instead explore their commonalities.

…when researchers ask clients about the helpful aspects of their experience in therapy, they rarely mention specific, model-driven interventions or techniques.  Instead they consistently identify the same variables as therapeutic…This same body of research shows that clients also expect their therapists not to be bound to any one brand or language of treatment.” (Miller, Duncan, & Hubble, 1997, p. 23)

Rather than espousing another theory, the authors of this text seek to break down the barriers between the different theories and create what they term a “unifying language.”  What is particularly interesting about this to me, is the idea of the oral nature of therapy and human connectivity as a universal experience.  In my undergraduate degree, I took a honors/graduate level course on the orality of stories/literature.  In that course the idea of the oral nature of society underlying connectivity was introduced.  I can’t wait to read more!  I promise to post as I progress through the text. CLICK the book to view more!

Reference Citation:

Miller, S.D., Duncan, B., Hubble, M. (1997) Escape from Babel: Toward a unifying language for psychotherapy practice. New York, itd: Norton


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