Self-Care relies on Self-Monitoring To Prevent Burnout

28 Sep

Self-care incorporates recognizing the warning signs of burnout, reversing damage, and building resilience (Smith, Jaffe-Gill, Segal, & Segal, 2008).  Recognition is essential in order to understand when self-care is needed and how to incorporate it to counter burnout and fatigue.  Recognition is promoted through self-monitoring by journaling or setting aside time to reflect on personal reactions to clients, work, and stress in general (Morrissette, 2002).

Smith et. al. (2008) recommends the following tips for promoting self-care and preventing burnout: (1) start the day with a relaxing ritual, (2) adopt healthy eating/exercising/sleeping habits, (3) set boundaries, (4) daily break from technology, (5) hobbies/creativity, (6) self-monitoring via journaling etc…

(Exerpt from paper by L. Lavergne, 2010, Capella University)

Self-Care is an important part of Counseling and Professional/Personal management.  If a Counselor is burned-out or overly stressed he/she may treat clients unethically and immorally.  The wellbeing of clients/patients is ideally a counselor’s forefront concern.  However, counselors are human and subject to illness, trauma, and stress just like his/her clients.  Self-monitoring is essential to promote personal insight to prevent acting when one is emotionally compromised.

Bellow please click on the link by Smith! It’s got some great resources for Stress/Self-Care! And if you’re in Grad. School…I KNOW stress is a concern 😉 🙂


Morrissette, P. J. (2002). Self supervision: A primer for counselors and helping professionals. New York, NY: Routledge. ISBN: 9781583910757.

Smith, Melinda M.A., Jaffe-Gill, Ellen M.A., Segal, Jeanne Ph.D. and Segal, Robert M.A., (2008).  Retrieved Sept. 14, 2010 from


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