Good Therapy Review – Web Resource

26 Sep is an international association of counselors, therapists, and psychologists who believe people are equipped to transform the obstacles to optimum health and happiness.As a leading advocate for healthy psychotherapy, educates the public about the differences between healthy and unhealthy psychotherapy and promotes non-pathologically based approaches within the professional community. Ranked as one of the leading mental health organizations and therapist referral sources on the web, maintains the highest standards for membership, allowing only those therapists who meet all the membership requirements and who believe people are basically proficient at their core and have the capacity to access their own wisdom and internal resources to overcome the obstacles to health & happiness.

What it is – A site for compiling articles, books, and resources for both therapists and individuals interested in therapy.  According to the site members must meet certain requirements (which I assume means licensure/referrals etc) to prevent just anyone from claiming to be a counselor.  It’s also got links to continuing education resources, workshops, and other great things for professionals.  For students…those articles are pretty interesting and while they might not meet academic requirements for research, they do offer links back to primary resources which CAN be used in research.

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