Family, the Journey, and Paradise Falls…Opening Session at LCA 2010

23 Sep

The speaker of LCA 2010’s opening session was Dr. Mary Ballard.  Her lecture was titled “Families in Motion” and it was wonderful and engaging!

At the end of the lecture she discussed the idea that many of us has that happiness is “just over the horizon” in the next life stage or financial/career based achievement.  She used the example of the movie “UP” in which the main character is constantly searching for “Paradise Falls.”  Happiness is achieved in the journey not the destination.  (How often have we heard this…and how often do we ignore it?)

It seems we are either looking backward or forward and never in the present.  Remaining in the present is a large part of enjoying each moment.  How can we apply knowledge of happiness to our own pursuits (career/financial) so as to avoid being caught up in the destination and enjoy the journey?  For me, this blog is part of that attempt to enjoy the journey a bit more.  Graduate school is a journey, just as undergraduate was.  Entering a new profession will be a journey.  Setting up hobbies and methods of recording and enjoying that journey is important.  Journaling does 3 things: (1) it documents the process for others going through the complicated journey of licensure and will hopefully help them out, (2) it provides a place to organize all my professional work similar to a portfolio, and (3) it is fun!

Questions at end of Lecture Dr. Ballard posed that you might want to think about:

  1. What is your “paradise falls”?
  2. Are you stopping to enjoy the journey or barreling through in pursuit of a destination?
  3. What are some fun things you can do to slow down and enjoy the journey more?

Goals are good!  There is nothing wrong with being driven and professional!  However, it is equally important to enjoy the process and to take time out for family, friends, and self.

The following video is courtesy of  WaltDisneyStudiosUK | August 18, 2009:


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